QuickFilm 7300 Quickscan Guide

This is a tutorial on how to use the OpticFilm 7300 Series QuickScan function. Special thanks to Bill for letting us post the guide for others to use, and the use of his scanner.

With the Optifilm software installed (OpticFilm Series Setup Disc), you should have an icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen, near the clock.


Double-click this icon to open the OpticFilm QuickScan Setting Window. This will allow you to customize how the machine scans your pictures when pressing the QuickScan button on the machine.


By default, the machine will scan the pictures as negatives. For transparencies (ie, slides), change the Scan Source option from Negative to Transparency. Be sure to also leave the Purpose and File Format settings as FILE and *.JPG (JPEG) respectively.


The File Name Prefix option allows you to name the image that you are scanning. For several photos of a series, the software will automatically name the images as follows: [name]0000, [name]0001, [name]0002, etc.


Make sure to also set the Destination Folder to a convenient location for your photos. Click the Browse button, then select a folder to save the photos in.


The other settings can be left at their defaults. Adjusting them will change things like overall brightness, resolution (clarity of the image), and amount of colour in the final scanned image if you so desire.

To setup the machine itself, make sure to place it on a flat surface. Plug both the power and USB plugs into an available power socket, and into your computer respectively. Next, load your slides into the provided holder, making sure to orient them in the same direction. Then, slide the images into the machine using the holder, making sure to keep the 'top' of the photo at the back of the machine, and the 'bottom' towards the front.

Orientation Loading

The holder is designed to give slight resistance when it is locked on a photo. To advance to the next photo, simply push or pull it until the desired slide is fully inside the machine.


Once you are satisified it is in position, press the QuickScan button on the front of the machine. Using the settings we set up before, the scanner will start to hum to life. On your computer screen, you will see a small window with a progress bar that will fill up as the image is scanned. Once the window disappears, your photo will now be in the folder you selected before.

Prescan Scanning

When you are finished, make sure to turn off the machine by pushing the Power Button on the front. IMPORTANT: This will keep the imaging lamp from burning out!


Written by Cyadox on 2015-01-30 11:29:45

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