Hot Linking *****es Stealing our Bandwidth

I just got the new article submission script finished up, so I figured I'd rant a bit before I head to bed.

We discovered an ad site hot linking to us today after looking through the logs. We were curious who was still coming to NerdNOS after the long amount of time we were busy with other things, and we found some ******* linking to the images in Water Cooling 101

Needless to say, we were none too pleased. We considered legal action briefly and then decided that we'd just adjust our leech with mod_rewrite and have some fun. Let's just say that hot linking site is no longer family friendly.

Please people, if you're going to steal **** to make a gigantic useless ad farm, you could at least copy the images onto your own server, instead of hot linking to everyone else.

For those of you who might be looking to protect your content, you can go to Altlabs. They have some nice tutorials on mod_rewrite, as well as a hot linking test utility.


As a note, I spent 20 minutes correcting problems I found making this post. PHP is fun...

Written by Dan on 2015-01-22 18:25:18

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