NerdNOS Mission Statement 2015


This is our living and ongoing mission statement for the NerdNOS technical community. Our goal is to provide a home base for the IT and gaming community to come and stay on top of news that means the most to them.

Our culture as nerds has a rocky history. In the 70's and 80's we were made fun of for our love of technology. Our society has evolved to depend heavily on tech and those little guys living in their mothers basements have invented products that have changed history. Advances in technology have simplified our lives through the use of incredibly complex gadgets made of hardware and software. NerdNOS is a tribute to those who gave up a normal lifestyle so they could feed their imagination and abilities to bring all of us the wonders of today. NerdNOS celebrates our subculture by covering advances in technology that allow us our wonderful lifestyles.

Not to confuse technology as all work and no play, we also cover the gaming community. In the past video games were considered toys for children or novelties. Advancements in video gaming have brought us from simple games like pong to big budget 3D adventures real enough to capture our emotions. The marriage of the internet with gaming has opened up a world where you can get together with your friends and do anything or be anybody. Whether your idea of fun is interacting in a false reality with titles such as Electronic Arts' The Sims franchise or blasting away bad guys in Activision's hit Call of Duty franchise, NerdNOS wants to feed you the behind the scenes information to keep you updated and showcase the digital superstars of our time.

NerdNOS brings the following:
  • Unbiased Reporting of Tech News

  • Honest Reviews by expert consumers

  • A trustworthy community for IT Professionals, Gamers, Enlightened Executives and Tech Enthusiasts.

  • A home for our culture to live and share their experiences in IT and gaming.

As interests and goals change, so will our mission statement. We will add a new statement the beginning of each new year, so you know what's to come here at

Written by Fingers on 2015-01-22 22:55:51

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