World of Tanks - French Tanks inside information.


Well everyone, the French tanks have been out for a short while and people are adjusting to their presence on the battlefield. The higher tiered tanks all play a similar role. They can do a ton of damage really fast with fantastic penetration and low damage. The ammunition magazines allow fast unloading on unsuspecting tankers.

The vehicles are primarily ambush tanks. Nothing sucks like rolling through a city in your IS7 and having a Bat Chatillon pull out behind you and unload his payload. He can do serious damage to you without you ever getting your turret turned to shoot at him. The tanks are supremely fast and can get into great spots on the map well ahead of tougher/slower tanks.

The tanks have limitations. They're very squishy from the side and rear. They don't take damage very well. The turrets limit your upward and downward views. This puts the French tanks in a very narrow role. The object is to get to your destination quickly and lay in wait for your victim to expose himself. You unload whatever you can then use your speed to pull back in to cover with devastating effect.

As soon as the tanks came out I secured an interview with Colddawg about both the tier 9 medium and the tier 10 heavy tank.

SirusPernot: "Tell me a little about the new tier 10 French Heavy."

Colddawg: "My impressions is that the 50B (tier x) plays like a medium with a really huge gun. The 4 chamber clip gives this tank an edge where the turret armor leaves off. It's maneuverability is really good for a heavy tank, which helps it play like a medium. However don't ever rush with it because you'll run out of loaded shells as soon as you can count to 9. Overall opinion is that this is a fun as hell tank to drive. Play it like a medium, but most assuredly don't go rushing out there. That 4 round clip would be great with 5 rounds and OP with 6 rounds."

SirusPernot: "What can you tell us about the Bat Chat?"

Colddawg: "The BatChat tier 9 medium plays just like its light tank counterparts lower down the tier. The armor is non-existent and its turn ability is that of a KV-1S. In a race between this tank and a 50-2 the 50-2 beats it, but only by the slimest of margins. Just like the other tier 9 tanks, watch that ammo rack which is found is the most odd of places. If you get hit in the ammo rack be ready to sit for 70 seconds after you fire those 6 shots.Overall opinion of this tank is that it's just better than a tier 8, but the lack of armor, offset by the 6 round clip, keeps it well below tier 9 status."

SirusPernot: "For the Bat Chat. How would you compare it to the other tier 9 mediums. Do you own any other tier 9 mediums and if so how did you modify your playstyle to get success out of the Bat Chat."

Colddawg: "Faster, can take out another t9 med in 1 salvo, lot less armor, not as maneuverable as a patton i would say."

SirusPernot: "Same question above for the tier 10 heavy."

Colddawg: "Dude, two of these tanks together, with competent drivers will decimate a bunch of tanks."

SirusPernot: "Do you see any room for these tanks or the tier 7 light on the clan wars battlefield? If so, how? Detail if you have experience fighting in clan wars so readers can relate these uses while keeping your playstyle in mind. (your opinion is subjective to your own experiences)"

Colddawg: "Possibly. Too early to tell."

SirusPernot: "How would you counter these new tanks? Detail weakspots in the front armor or critical hit locations if you know of them."

Colddawg: "Their armor is all weak. The 50B can bounce from the front. Other than that I hope you can appreciate me not divulging where my weakspots are. I will say that French tanks are very susceptible to spalling, engine damage, ammo loss, and crew loss."

SirusPernot: "Any info on the tier 7 light?"

Colddawg: "Slow as hell reload, fun tank."

I can tell you our clan has been using them in clan wars. We used two Bat Chats to great effect on Sand River. We now incorporate two French tanks in most clan wars strategies. They are great ambush tanks and can remove tanks off the field quickly if need be.

Enjoy the tips.

Written by Ghost on 2012-02-06 04:55:15

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