World of Tanks 0.7.1 update - French Tanks

The French are here!


No the tanks don't go faster in reverse

Yes some are super armored and some are weak.

One thing is certain, we all have a lot to learn.

So I used some of my free experience to fully research and purchase the French AMX 40. It's a tier 4 light tank. Light tanks go up to tier 7 now. The first impression upon seeing it was "wow, this looks like 1950's car of the future technology". The tank has very rounded armor. The gun is a bit weak and it travels like a Lowe with a blown engine going up a hill but it makes up for it in armor.

My first match, I slowly trundle to the grinder on Karelia expecting to get my hat handed to me. I ooze up to the front line and immediately shots start coming in. Everything is bouncing off of me. OK I'm confused. Slowly I push forward and keep bouncing shots. They are pouring like rain on my slow little tank and the most they can manage is breaking my track. I managed two kills which would have been more but my gun was bouncing from the barrage of rounds hitting my hull. This thing is impenetrable. My team Slowly kills the enemy tanks holding us up and we push onward ever so slowly. A heavy tank somehow has made it past us and came out guns blazing from behind me, I figure I'm dead. I was able to make the turn and he's bouncing shots off me now, too. My team mates notice after a minute and assist me in killing him. We march onward to capture the base for a draw.

My second match I figured I would test the limits of the armor. This time we got Komarin, you know, the map that looks like hot puke bubbling on a sidewalk? Anyway, I drive across the bridge and move to defend the flag. Slowly but surely the bullets start coming in. First one heavy, then another, then several mediums and lights. These guys were throwing everything including the kitchen sink at me and were bouncing everything. I couldn't fire at much because my tank was rocking from the constant shelling. I managed to kill a light that was trying to cap before their arty finally managed to whittle me down. I have the screenshot for you.


It looks like things are getting turned on their heads in World of Tanks. We all have a lot to learn about the new battlefield threat.

Written by Ghost on 2012-01-05 12:20:07

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