UPDATED: Call of Duty 4

After having played this gem for many months now I figure it is time for a revisit review.

This game still wows me. I have climbed to the top tier in the ranks and after killing 53000 people I have to say this is still the number 1 FPS on the market. The lag issues some people noticed in the past has been corrected with patches. The addition of 4 new maps was a delightful refreshment.

Weapon Balance: Every gun in the game has its shining moments and shortcomings. No matter what weapon you choose, with practice you can be a beast. It all boils down to your favorite style of play. For instance the m21 sniper rifle. This weak weapon in the hands of a master can create battlefield chaos. If you equip stopping power and steady aim it pretty much turns into an m14 with no recoil and extended range. You can no-scope people for days reliably in close quarters. The two shot kill at long distance is barely a complaint when you factor in the speed of your second shot and low recoil.

Game types: Headquarters has become my favorite for racking up massive kills. 90% of headquarters players do the same thing, run to headquarters and chuck grenades into it. Once you learn that and how not to do it, kills will be fed to you. Simply set up a perimeter around the headquarters just outside of grenade throw range and pick off the newbies as they rush to their death. The real points to be had in headquarters is not the +15 from the capture but maintaining the capture and slaughtering wave after wave of rushing newbie. Keeping them from throwing grenades into your headquarters and killing your capturing team is crucial to victory. When done correctly you can have 20+ kills before the other team gets 5. If they beat your team to the headquarters, briefly watch for a guard outside then fling grenades inside, rinse and repeat. Never stay in the headquarters once your team captures it.

This game will continue to be a personal treasure of mine for a long time, I personally committed myself to being number 1 on the leaderboards. I hope to see you all there, just look for gamertag Sirus Pernot.

Live long and prosper nerds.

Written by Ghost on 2008-08-08 01:20:23

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