Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360, PS3, PC

My version for all inclusive purposes is the Xbox 360 version.

I'd say this game is the most fun I've had online in a long time. Not since I beta tested SOCOM 3 for the PS2 have I been so excited to get online every day and shoot some people. I'll go over the multiplayer experience as I see it.

Gameplay: The controls are responsive and quick. The character animations like reloading and changing weapons are smooth and quick. The knife function will override any animation if you need a quick close kill.

Hit Detection: Hit detection is great, if you line your gun up on an enemy and pull the trigger the bullets will hit him. If you shoot your enemy in the head, he is dead. Sometimes while sniping you will line up on another sniper and miss your seemingly perfect shot. This seems to only happen when the overall online play gets laggy due to poor connections among the players. Lag is rare.

Lag: You only get laggy at times when a player loses internet connectivity from either bad connection or getting pwned and pulls the plug early. Soemtimes on Ground War (18 players) you experience it if the players are from all over the world like America, England, Europe, etc..

Graphics: 60FPS, the action is smooth. Graphically CoD4 is beautiful to look at in proper HD. In my 1080i setup on a 17in screen I routinely see snipers across the map without using my scope. Area effects are amazing, grass is separated into blades ala Oblivion. Rain is realistic. the lighting effects and explosions are amazing for a high level of gameplay immersion.

Audio: The Audio will blow you away, literally. In Dolby 5.1 surround you can hear the location of your enemies moving around, or be able to accurately detect player locations on the map from sound alone.

Game modes: Online you have several different match types to choose from, each keeps it fresh. The one thing that is sorely missing is Co-Op play. Online accomplishments keep the points rolling in and players busy going through prestige mode.

Summary: Most of the publications gave this game their highest ratings just under "perfect". I would have to agree. If you've never played a shooter game before let this be your first. It has an immersion experience much like Black for the original Xbox.

Written by Ghost on 2008-02-19 16:20:38

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