World of Tanks - Soviet T-50-2 - Light Tank

The Russian tier 5 T-50-2 scout tank is an amazing and fun little tank. This light and fast assault tank can offer exciting and wild action and handle tanks much larger than itself. Let's examine it.

HP: 560
Engine Power: 550
Speed Limit: 72 (km/h)
Traverse Speed: 38 (deg/sec)
Hull Armor: 37/37/37
Turret Armor: 45/40/40
Turret Traverse: 45 (deg/sec)
View Range: 370 (m)
Signal Range: 730 (m)

Passive Scouting

This tank makes for an excellent passive scout. When configured with Binoculars and a Camo Net you can blaze across the map quickly and set up in a bush near a main travel path. What the enemy experiences is a barrage of fire from your team and they never see a thing. With it's speed you can get in close before they get there and park it. This works best on open maps.

Active Scouting

When fitted with Coated Optics and Enhanced Torsion Bars this tank has the agility to blitz in and out of enemy lines while avoiding most fire. With knowledge and luck you can blaze right into the enemy arty. You are fast enough to use the terrain and cover to get in and out with little trouble.

Light Assault

My favorite way to play this tank is with an active scout configuration and try to catch tank destroyers and heavy tanks alone. Using premium rounds on the ZiS-4 gun allows you to penetrate most rear hulls and turrets at flat angles. Your speed and agility can allow you to dodge the enemy gun and pick away at them until they're dead. I've attacked and killed most tier 10s with this setup.

Different Guns

A pure active scout should carry the SH-37 Automatic gun due to its low weight. Lower weight means better acceleration. For crew skills repairs, camo, and the agility based perks are most useful. I run the Ventilation, Coated Optics, and Enhanced Torsion Bars. I typically bring a repair kit, med kit, and lend lease oil. Your goal is pure speed and agility. The best options in guns are between the ZiS-4 and the SH-37 Automatic.

Taking Advantage of Physics

The speed and weight of this tank can have positive and negative effects. On one hand you can climb steeper hills that other tanks normally can't (see the video) but at the same time you can find yourself doing an unexpected power slide at just the wrong time. Find creative ways to use the terrain to your advantage. Be careful jumping hills as you can break your tracks.

If you play aggressive you can really take advantage of this tank and be a nightmare to the enemy.

Written by Ghost on 2012-12-19 00:55:51

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