World of Tanks XVM Efficiency Rating


$efficiency = ($stats['DAMAGE'] * (10 / $avg_tier) * (0.15 + 2 * $avg_tier / 100) + $stats['KILLS'] * (0.35 - 2 * $avg_tier / 100) * 1000 + $stats['SPOTTED'] * 200 + $stats['CAPTURE'] * 150 + $stats['DEFENSE'] * 150) / $battles;

That formula. That one little formula. It has caused many debates about its usefulness and its flaws. Here we will discuss it.

The XVM mod is a neat little tool you can install as a mod for World of Tanks. It essentially allows you to see the win rate percentage and "efficiency rating" for each player on both sides of the team.

People talk about how useful or useless it is. Their interpretation depends strictly on how they think it should be used. Here we will talk about how to use these stats to increase your win percentage.

Before the battle starts, you can take a look at both teams. You will see a mix of ratings organized by color along with win percentages and battles played. Red means poor performance with the scale increasing through yellow, green, and up to purple to signify great performance. The mod even tells you a "global" and "per tank" chance to win.

Let's go over how to use this.

A player with less than 2,000 battles is subject to a highly fluctuating rating. His rating can raise or drop over the course of a day. The fewer the battles the more wildly it can change. When you see players with several thousand battles you can assume their ratings have stabilized and you have an accurate watermark for their ability.

The efficiency rating itself is not as valuable as a performance indicator as the win percentage itself. Many players play an important role on a battlefield that may not translate into damage done or points captured. A single tank holding a choke point alone for a large portion of the match has had a huge effect on the outcome of the battle.

The ER is weighted most heavily on capture and defense points. This is most flawed as a performance indicator because if you are getting defense points it means one of your flanks has fallen and enemies are at the door. You can get a 5000+ ER for a loss. The goal of using any stat tracking is "are we going to win?". A player who sits near the base every round and only shoots enemies once they have an 80% base capture can build up a huge rating and piggyback his win percent on the natural normalization that match maker gives. A user with a 1700 rating and a win percentage of 46% has been boosting himself without helping his team.

So how do you determine the outcome of the match based on these figures? You have to understand what every role for every tank is on every map in the game for every game type. You compare each player and identify what his or her role "should" be and use that to visualize potential weak areas in the battle.

Example: You are playing on Himmelsdorf in a tier 10 fight. Your top tier tank is an E-100 with a 48% win percentage and a ER of 900. This indicates a poor performing player. On the enemy team you have an E-100 with a 52% win percentage and a 1540 ER. Just singling out the duel about to happen on the "8 line" in tank alley, your E-100 is statistically going to get his hat handed to him for whatever reasons that keep his stats low. If your lower tiered heavies can't carry his slack then that part of the map will be a loss.

This example carries on to every tank type in the game. Some roles in the battle are less crucial to this. It is your job to identify the weak players and make a snap decision with what you will need to do to make up for the inefficiency in your team. If your top player is a bad player and you are tiered right with him, you need to go support him within reason. The combination of his stats will tell you if he is the type to rush out in the open with his turret spinning wildly and not target the proper enemies for his role in the battle. Do not suicide yourself to try to save an idiot. At the same time, do not refuse to push a weakened enemy flank because the poor player will not budge from his favorite camping spot. It is up to you to figure out a way to maximize the situation to pull every ounce of win out of your role and what you have before you.

Ways to boost your ER

If you are an aggressive player who rarely lives to see the end of the fight, you always deal a massive amount of damage, and you have a decent ER and win rate from that there is one simple step to raise your ER a great amount. Start getting some attack or defense points. Either return to base and shoot at enemies capping the base or figure out how to live longer and get some capture points yourself. You will have to sacrifice your aggressive style in order to do this. If you have 8,000 battles, a 51% win rate, and an ER of 1540 but you are rated very low in capture or defense you will increase your ER quickly with a temporary style change focused on capture or defense. The opposite is true if you only do capture and defense. Become more aggressive and start dealing damage to tanks. Get more kills and shoot more enemies.

While relying on the math itself can never give you more than a number on the chance to win, you can increase your odds by reading the information and processing it better. It is up to you to understand where the holes in your team are and what you can do about it. Making the most of yourself in each battle, no matter how far you are down the list on the scoreboard, is the key to winning.

The link to the World of Tanks Statistics program is here:

The link to XVM mod is here:

We hope this helps you improve your game.

Written by Ghost on 2012-09-30 16:53:42

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