World of Tanks Camo Tutorial - Tank Destroyers and Scouts

Wargaming released a video describing the camo system in World of Tanks. This is information that was always widely available but suffered from speculation and myths. To supplement this video we will talk about how to apply this to your tactics.

The Tank Destroyer class in this game will benefit the most from the application of these principals. In particular, the Russian Tank Destroyers like the Obj. 268 and the Obj. 704 depend on camo for their battlefield ability. The mantra has shifted since the release of 8.0 with the Obj. 263's armor but not getting shot at is far more valuable than bouncing enemy shots. The Russian Tank Destroyers traditionally have little armor and high speed and maneuverability. This has always been so that you can rapidly get into a position virtually in the open and remain undetected while you punish the enemy from behind bushes. This requires knowing ahead of time your map and the places where bushes overlooking a choke-point exist. This applies also to the other nationalities but is mandatory for Soviet vehicles.

The proper technique for the Soviet Obj. 268 can be one of two ways. You can either station yourself on an over-watch position to support forward battle tanks or you can take up a scouted position yourself and stay hidden. The second option is less versatile and dangerous. You must be in position behind a bush close enough to detect the enemy but retreat backwards before you fire so that the bushes become opaque. This is when you know the bushes will block your muzzle flash as stated in the video. Rolling your tank backwards will reduce your camo bonus and may leave you detected. You may have to hold your fire if you are facing multiple tanks and depend on your team mates to do the damage so that you remain motionless and undetected.

Remember, If you can clearly see the enemy tank through the bushes you will be detected if you fire your weapon. Reverse yourself only if you are far enough away to remain undetected. Fire your gun only when you can only see their outline and not the image of the tank.

Where the Soviet Tank Destroyers can apply this better that the others, the slower American line can venture to the front lines. While Wargaming keeps the camo values for each vehicle hidden it has always been know that the Obj. 704 had the best camo in the game. We assume that this has carried over to the newly released models from 7.5 and 8.0. You can get an idea of your camo value by how tall your vehicle is. Generally the lower it sits the better it is.

Equipment for a Tank Destroyer should compliment this play-style. A Camo Net, Air Vents, and your choice of either a Gun Rammer or Optics Upgrade should be the basis of your setup. Adjust this to your particular Tank Destroyer or play-style.

While you can't increase the distance beyond 440M you can increase your detection range of hidden vehicles with these options. Sitting still with binoculars will decrease the hiding ability of a hidden enemy tank by 25% while increasing your view range across open terrain if it is below 440M stock. If you normally would detect the moving tank at 75M while cloaked this will extend that range to 100M.

Light Tanks do not suffer the moving penalty to the camo system. This is why they are scouts. A T-50-2, with 100% crew trained camo, equipped with coated optics can light up an entire enemy team without ever being seen, given that there is open terrain on a theoretical flat surface. Sprinting a scout through a wooded area where larger tanks are hiding will turn a well planned sneak attack into a death trap.

There are two major styles of playing as a scout. Active Scouting and Passive Scouting.

Active Scouting is the action of ripping at a high speed through the enemy territory using the terrain and speed to protect you. Skirting the edge of the enemies view range on larger open maps and blowing through their lines on close quarter maps are the way to go. Use the environment to your advantage.

Passive Scouting requires an active knowledge of how teams generally play a map. Rushing to a well placed bush on Malinovka while equipped with a Camo Net and Binoculars will let you eat a sandwich while you keep the enemy push "lit up." In this situation you can be as close as 50M to the enemy and they will never see you as long as you remain still and do not fire your weapon.

In either case the enemies will be fired upon by "invisitanks" while you rack up earnings and experience for yourself. A good scout means the difference between a win and a loss with a decent team.

Heavy Tanks are the workhorse of the battlefield and have very little natural camo ability. You should rely on natural cover and not on camo. A Maus in a tight alley is a dangerous Maus, while a Maus in an open field is a dead Maus. You can't paint a house to look like a bush and expect it to work very well.

Medium Tanks are the support crews on the battlefield and can be used as scouts. The ability to hide is important when trying to get from place to place.

Camo for all tanks is important. Any advantage you have over your enemy is a move in your favor. The first shot is crucial and living to fight is the key to victory. We did not cover artillery in this discussion because arty should never be close enough to the enemy to be spotted. A determined scout will find your arty unless you stop him as soon as he is visible. Arty knows to stay well behind the front lines and remain hidden.

We hope you enjoyed this supplement to the fantastic video Wargaming put together.

Written by Ghost on 2012-09-29 19:13:30

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