Computer Crack, Volume 2, Issue 1

Its been some time since I've done on of these, and I apologize for the fragmented style of the writing, but this is more of a rant to start off a new volume of Computer Crack issues. Enjoy.

Well, I was doing some work today (actually more like sitting around reading another news source) and I read a bit of a story on Microsoft owning Linux IP. I find this rather interesting, since Linux is based on Unix, which has been around for oh, 20+ years longer than any version of Windows. One thing I really want to know though...What the **** is going on?

Microsoft says that Linux is infringing on their IP. Well, I guess if that's what's happening, maybe we should figure out a way to avoid that. So, what is the IP? Well, they can't ****ing say right now. Can you say SCO?

SCO, the infamous little Unix company, that was a former Linux company (Caldera Software Inc.) who decided to sue Big Bad IBM (Henceforth BBIBM) for 3 Billion ****ing dollars. Yeah folks, that's not like a couple million, that's THREE THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS! Well, after some time, IBM asks during discovery, "Hey, what the **** is going on. Tell us what we stole."

Sco's reply is classic, "We can't tell you what you stole until you give us all your code..." Now, I'm no lawyer guy, but I'm pretty damned sure if this was Canada, the judge would have told SCO to take their case and shove it right up their ass. You can't ****ing accuse someone of stealing from you, and then when they say, "Eh, what'd I steal." You say, "I don't know, why don't you let me search your house and I'll choose something at random."

now, after all the SCO BS, we have wonderful old Microsoft pulling the same ****. This is the same Microsoft that was rumoured to be investing in SCO for the purpose of defaming Linux and getting enough Fear, Uncertianty and Doubt out in the picture, that everyone would choose lovely old Windows for their servers.

Well, it hasn't worked. People are still using Linux. Baystar pulled Microsoft's money out of SCO. SCO is on the verge of financial collapse, while being sued by several Linux companies, as well as having Novell dispute their rights to Unix.

I'm sorry, but the last thing I want to see if Novell and Microsoft joining up and licensing code, not because I think its bad for the industry, or I think Microsoft is the devil, or Novell is just taking it up the backpipe. No, its pretty simple why I think its a bad idea. Its completely ****ing unnessessary for one. Microsoft isn't old enough to own the code they cry about. And as far as software patents are concerned, burn them all.

So as I rant here, I just want to get one point across. Linux has been around since 1993. For several years now, there have been major corporations with lots of financial backing using and making Linux, yet no successful lawsuits. Why are people even worried about it. Its not like Microsoft or SCO, or anyone else has enough money to go after all of us. Also, we can always use BSD. There is no way any of them can lay claim to it.

So in the end, I think everyone should just shut the **** up about Linux, Microsoft, Apple, Stolen Code, Software Patents, Who's got the longer ding dong, and who's got the brownest nose (That's you CNN.)

It comes down to this... Everyone on the news is a ****ing idiot. If you don't believe me, read about Jack Thompson and then look at Youth Murder rates.

That's my 2 cents,
Computer Crack Volume 2, Issue 1

Written by Dan on 2015-01-22 18:20:37

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