Gigabyte iRAM 1.3 Review

So, I got myself a Gigabyte iRAM about a month or two ago. I figured I'd write about it and try and give you the low down on it.

First off though, I don't have any benchmarks, so don't e-mail me asking for them, they'll be posted eventually. I'm not anywhere near the computer the iRAM is in and I can't remember the numbers. It's not like it matters anyways, since you can always look at someone else's site for info.

Configuration 1: Gigabyte iRAM, 4 GB High Density DDR PC3200

The first thing I noted about the Gigabyte iRAM is that it says it requires an ICHR7 Southbridge. I thought this was kind of wierd. Its SATA, so it should be seen on anything that supports SATA. Well, I plugged it into my Asus PC-DL Deluxe (ICHR5) and lo and behold, I couldn't boot. I tinkered around with it and eventually put the ICHR5 into RAID mode. I didn't get the little raid summary anymore, but suddenly I had a C drive. This was excrumptious.

So then I loaded Windows onto it... 10 minutes later I was rebooting.


WTF? I go in, look, no partition. Tinker away for a while. Eventually, after about 2 hours and multiple attempts, I realize the RAM isn't actually bad in itself. I can write up to 127 MB on it, and its fine, write 128 MB and it dies.


So, I bought some Low Density Dimms and gave the ****ty High Density ones away. (TIP: Don't cheap out and buy high density RAM, unless you are a ****tard like me.)

So, now I'm into this for over a thousand bucks, for a 4 GB Hard Drive, that's fast. I put the new RAM in and boot the system up. Partition Magic appears on my screen. I setup everything the way I want it....ERROR, Invalid Partition or some **** like that. Another 10 minutes of tinkering and I get mad, unplug the card, remove the battery, wait 15 seconds and put it all back in. Try it again and Bingo, it works. Turns out the iRAM was remembering the High Density config for some reason. So if you ever change your iRAM configuration, take out the damned battery, or you'll be ****ing around with it far longer than you need to.

So, after over a week of waiting, a grand, I finally have Windows on my iRAM. Its very fast to boot, not blazingly fast like 8 seconds in total, but I'd say it shaved off about 6 seconds from my Dual 36GB Raptors in Raid 0 that I had before.

I was all happy, and decided, what the hell, I'll throw Linux on here.

Well guess what, I'm still trying. So far, no luck. Turns out the iRAM has a compatibility issue with the Libata drivers in Linux. IT won't ****ing work as a SATA drive at all. I did however get it working in IDE emulation mode in the BIOS, so that Linux could see and format it, etc. But that's not what I wanted. So now, I'm still waiting. Eventually I'll be able to run Linux on it, but for now I wait, and run Windows.

Now I just need another one, so I can run them in RAID 0

Written by Dan on 2015-01-22 18:20:37

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