Adding an IDE hdd to the IBM netfinity 7000 M10

OK, the Netfinity has 3 scsi disks in raid 5, i have a fileserver that is a 233mhz crapbox that hosts my fileserver. It regularly streams movies and such but it takes forever to sort out my requests. The netfinity is a huge workhorse built for doing tons of things at a time. Switching the Netfinity to handle the roll of file server would save electricity and time. The only problem is 18GB isn't very big and the Netfinity doesn't have an IDE area available. The only IDE drive is the CD-ROM.

The only reasonable thing to do is to splice a new mutex plug into the power array running the CD-ROM and then set in a new IDE cable that is capable of handling two drives instead of one. You switch te jumpers on both drives so that the CD-ROM is the slave and the HDD is the master.

In the case of the netfinity you need a place to mount the hard drive. In todays age nobody needs a floppy disk anymore so it's bay made a nice home for it and kept the cables short enough to barely fit my rigging.

The IDE cable connector had a slot filled in where a pin needed to fin. After trying to tap a hole in it and cracking it my new attempt is in a nonfunctioning state. The BIOS shows no master IDE device. When I fix it with a new IDE ribbon hopefully it'll work like I want. Alls left is to set up samba properly

Written by Ghost on 2015-01-22 18:20:37

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