NerdNOS Mission Statement 2015

NerdNOS Mission Statement 2015Published on:  2015-01-22 22:55:51 by Fingers

This is our living and ongoing mission statement for the NerdNOS technical community. Our goal is to provide a home base for the IT and gaming community to come and stay on top of news that means the most to them.

Ou... [more]

NerdNOS Revamped

NerdNOS RevampedPublished on:  2015-01-22 17:25:44 by Fingers

Just wanted to post a blurb to let everyone know that NerdNOS is taking a new direction. We will be updating the site far more often, however the ads will be coming back. We hope with a new staff to bring new content to build a community that enjoy... [more]

Hardware Reviews

The Gigabyte iRAM and the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 Motherboard or How To Rip All Your Hair Out!

The Gigabyte iRAM and the Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 Motherboard or How To Rip All Your Hair Out!Published on:  2007-06-28 00:54:26 by Dan

Well, a while ago now, I got all horny to get my hands on a Gigabyte iRAM or GC-RAMDISK. So I ended up buying one and found out there there is a bit of technical bumbling required to learn all the steps (If your a cheap tightwad like me.) You can r... [more]

Gaming Reviews

PAYDAY 2: A Heister's Review

PAYDAY 2: A Heister's ReviewPublished on:  2015-01-23 00:09:35 by Cyadox

With the release of The Bomb Heists DLC earlier today, I decided it was time to write up a comprehensive review of the robbers versus cops game, PAYDAY 2.

PAYDAY 2 is the second, 4-player, online cooperative... [more]

World of Tanks - Soviet T-50-2 - Light Tank

World of Tanks - Soviet T-50-2 - Light TankPublished on:  2012-12-19 00:55:51 by Ghost

The Russian tier 5 T-50-2 scout tank is an amazing and fun little tank. This light and fast assault tank can... [more]


Hot Linking *****es Stealing our Bandwidth

Hot Linking *****es Stealing our BandwidthPublished on:  2015-01-22 18:25:18 by Dan

I just got the new article submission script finished up, so I figured I'd rant a bit before I head to bed.

We discovered an ad site hot linking to us today after looking through the logs. We were curious who was still coming to NerdNOS after the... [more]

Areal Density, Solid State Lies and Bull**** Benchmarks.

Areal Density, Solid State Lies and Bull**** Benchmarks.Published on:  2015-01-22 18:25:18 by Dan

Ok, so here's another rant, regarding Solid State Storage, Raptor RAID and SCSI RAID as my examples.

Gigabyte iRAM v0.98 on ICHR7 Sata

Burst Speed: 135.8 MB/s
Average Read: 130.6 MB/s
Random Access: 0.0 ms

Raid 0 (74GB) D... [more]


Why Anti-Virus Software Does and Doesn't Work

Why Anti-Virus Software Does and Doesn't WorkPublished on:  2015-01-23 00:12:07 by Fingers

Anti-virus software is important. Hackers could get all of your data. If you don't have an anti-virus, CRIMINALS could steal all your money. Sound Familiar?

Anti-virus and security companies, especially the large ones, like to use FUD (Fear, Un... [more]

Five Dollar Security; You Get What You Pay For

Five Dollar Security; You Get What You Pay ForPublished on:  2015-01-22 18:25:27 by

The old phrase "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is" is very common, and usually well founded. After seeing an offer for a $5 "security status" of a website, we just had to test it out. Since the service is being offered by a Certified Et... [more]


QuickFilm 7300 Quickscan Guide

QuickFilm 7300 Quickscan GuidePublished on:  2015-01-30 11:29:45 by Cyadox

This is a tutorial on how to use the OpticFilm 7300 Series QuickScan function. Special thanks to Bill for letting us post the guide for others to use, and the use of his scanner.

With the Optifilm software installed (OpticFilm Series Setup Disc)... [more]

Water Cooling 101

Water Cooling 101Published on:  2009-01-02 21:56:08 by Dan

This section is under construction. I'm currently working on the writeup for some advice for would be water cooling people.


Q6600 B3 Stepping at 3.0 Ghz
8GB DDR2 800Mhz Kingston Ram
Saphire ATI Radeon 3870X2
Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZS... [more]


NerdNOS Design Upgrades

NerdNOS Design UpgradesPublished on:  2008-08-07 10:49:55 by Dan

We are currently redesigning parts of NerdNOS to allow easy skin customization across the entire site. So if you can't find anything, check back in a day or so, and it should be back up and running.

Sorry, but the forums are down until further n... [more]

NerdNOS Firewalls

NerdNOS FirewallsPublished on:  2007-08-15 23:02:07 by Dan

We are going to begin work on creating some firewall software for people to use, preconfigured and ready to go on a network. While we haven't gone over it thoroughly yet, we're looking for your ideas, so let us know if you think this is something th... [more]


Symantec reveals security issues with PCAnywhere and corporate priorities.

Symantec reveals security issues with PCAnywhere and corporate priorities.Published on:  2015-01-22 18:20:37 by Ghost

Symantec has released confirmation that the hacker group Anonymous has copies of the source code to some of their products.

Having the source code to a companies product can allow you to read through the co... [more]

Lilupophilupop exploit has over 1 million infected pages

Lilupophilupop exploit has over 1 million infected pagesPublished on:  2015-01-22 18:20:37 by Dan

Currently over 1 million pages are infected, at over 160,000 websites. According to our source, the attack is aimed at Coldfusion or ASP sites, running MSSQL as the backend. No word yet on whether MYSQL backend sites are affected.

Source: ... [more]

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